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    VITAL XII provides women with the latest most exquisite handbags and accessories, pioneered by entrepreneur Malikah "Malli P." Planas.  The motivation behind the brand was triggered by a desire to deliver trendy high quality handbags to women but at a low reasonable cost. This makes their product perfect for the everyday woman, who may acquire a high quality taste but also loves great deals. Malli P. has a passion for all things business, fashion, and entertainment. E-commerce is especially her favorite. Selling items online has been a thing she has done since high school so starting an online store was right up her alley. The brand was started out of necessity. Financial hardships made it challenging for Malli to live the life she wanted so what better to do then sell stuff online? As her love for e-commerce grew Malli P. started a blog Diaries of an E-preneur to share with everyone her struggles, tips, and successes she has gained with VITAL XII. Take a look at it here and follow her journey with VITAL XII. 



    VITAL XII's handbags are specifically picked to offer you the highest quality minus the high price. Getting the dopest look is right at your fingertip when shopping with VITAL XII.  Whether you are looking for a flawless shoulder bag or a sexy, chic satchel, VITAL XII has what you need. 

    If the selection of handbags do not fit your needs please submit a Contact Us so it is assured that you find that vital piece you are looking for.